No Corpse Is an Island Gato Timberlake

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No Corpse Is an Island  by  Gato Timberlake

No Corpse Is an Island by Gato Timberlake
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How hard can it be for the outstanding Private Investigator Elizabeth Taylor to find the research papers of a man who killed himself? A man who was the fiancé of her housemate? Figuring it should be a breeze, Taylor (her preferred moniker) jumps atMoreHow hard can it be for the outstanding Private Investigator Elizabeth Taylor to find the research papers of a man who killed himself? A man who was the fiancé of her housemate? Figuring it should be a breeze, Taylor (her preferred moniker) jumps at the job. Uh-oh.

Turns out the police cant rule out foul play, and Taylor, being Taylor, cant rule out getting involved.With high hopes of finding Stan McCormicks notes, she travels to Grafton Island in Chesapeake Bay, where Stan was in the middle of a land dispute. Upon her arrival, she meets the attractive and beguiling Priscilla Stewart. Could it be love at first sight? Leave it to Taylor to fall for a murder suspect! Priscilla got smashed the day Stan died, and she cant remember anything that did or didnt happen.

Taylors mission has expanded from locating Stans notes to finding Stans killer, thereby proving Priscillas innocence.Taylor noses around and asks questions that put her right in the middle of problems centered on Grafton Island: farmers against the watermen, newcomers against the old-time residents, and environmentalists against the questionable real estate dealings of developers.The more investigating she does, the more people she finds with motives to have murdered Stan.

She receives threatening notes and has several close calls that rattle her to the bone. She finds Stans research papers, but can she find the killer before he makes fish bait out of her?

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Gato Timberlake No Corpse Is an Island 018 Mid-coast Maine 16-Lighthouse Photography TourThorofare. Halleck ordered Confederate officers to be transferred to Camp Chase, Ohio; setting national policy related to treatment of prisoners, prison camps, and  Civil War Prison Camps Civil War Saga1 Dec 2012.

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